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Tinker wanted to show Michael Jordan’s global influence in the Air Jordan 9 series. Japan is symbolized by the “Rising Sun” in the Jumpman logo. You can see words in different languages on the back of the shoe that describe what Michael Jordan stands for both on and off the court. A variety of terms appear on the right and left shoes, including “Independence,” “Freedom,” “Sport,” “Athletic,” “Hope,” “Intense,” “Graceful,” “Force,” and “Dedicated.” Jordan’s iconic shoe, the Jordan 9, was featured on the United Center statue to symbolize Jordan as a “global superstar.” It was first released in 1993 and re-released in 2002. Besides the Jordan 9 Retro White Gym Red and the Jordan 9 Retro Racer Blue, this shoe pays tribute to Michael Jordan.

When the new pair of shoes were released, Mike had been a league champion for three consecutive years. The popularity of Jordan’s footwear was at its peak, Michael Jordan was widely recognized, and everyone wanted to wear the same shoes as him.

Following Michael Jordan’s retirement from basketball in 1993, the Air Jordan 9 was released. Michael’s decision to step away at such a young age shocked everyone. Whether Air Jordans could be made without the NBA All-Star participating in any seasons was Nike’s big question. Nevertheless, his legacy lives on.

Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith designed the Air Jordan. At first, only four colorways were released: black and white, olive, powder blue, and charcoal. On the sole of the shoe are the words “Dedicates,” “Intense,” and “Sport.” Their only innovation is that they are easier to tighten and loosen. Rest of the features are similar to previous models, including cushioning. Due to Michael’s retirement, the Air Jordan 9 were specially designed for other players, such as Penny Hardaway, BJ Armstrong, and Latrell Sprewell.

In addition, the Air Jordan 9 are part of a statue of Michael Jordan gifted by the Chicago Bulls. Creating bronze-colored Air Jordan 9 sneakers came from that creative idea.

Nike quickly created a baseball version of AJ 9 footwear in black and white after Jordan retired from basketball. Retro editions followed, which presented the original in a variety of colors.

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