Nike Waffle

You can jump, run, and play all day long with the Nike Waffle. With a durable plastic heel clip and a luscious suede upper, these shoes keep you cool in the summer. In addition, Nike added a waffle outsole to make sure you stay on your toes no matter what surface you’re running on. With its springy midsole and classic wedge shape, this shoe provides unparalleled traction and support. Kick off your winter boots and enjoy this sunny season like never before!

With the Nike Waffle, you can run, jump, and play all day long. Durable plastic heel clips add energy, while transparent mesh and luscious suede make you feel summer-ready. The springy midsole features a classic wedge shape that provides unparalleled support and traction. To make sure you stay on your feet on any surface, Nike has added a waffle outsole. Enjoy this sunshiny season like never before by kicking off those winter boots!

Any wardrobe would benefit from the Nike Waffle. Designed with a lightweight, flexible foam outsole that provides just enough support for walking all day, these shoes are perfect for weekend getaways or hiking trips. They also have wedges, so your feet won’t hurt!

Slipping your feet into the Retro Nike Waffle means it’s time to get outside and enjoy the summer. In terms of comfort, style, and traction, this shoe is hard to beat.

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