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Professional basketball players wear the Kanye West-approved Yeezy Quantum suede shoes during matches after they were re-engineered for them.

Reflective material is used in Yeezy’s version of Kanye’s wildly popular shoe. The synthetic suede upper gives the shoe a modern look while providing comfort and durability. Besides offering greater durability and comfort for delicate foot areas, the sneakers are made from a resilient yet soft thread.

The Yeezy QNTM sneakers have redesigned cushioning that makes them easier to run and jump in than regular sneakers. These are a must-have pair for basketball players, but they are also great for everyday wear.

With these Kanye West-approved suede shoes, Yeezy Quantum, you’ll stand out in all the right ways. This pair was re-engineered and designed for professional basketball players to wear during matches.

In this Yeezy version of Kanye’s already wildly popular shoe, reflective material is used for nighttime running. A synthetic suede upper provides comfort and sturdiness while giving it a modern appearance. These sneakers feature a soft yet durable thread for greater durability and ultra-comfort.

Yeezy QNTM sneakers have redesigned cushioning, so running and jumping are much easier than with regular sneakers. Basketball players will love this pair, which is also great for regular daily wear.

You’ll stand out from the crowd with the sleek design and unique colorways. Even when worn daily, the durable shoes will last a long time. You can choose from four colorways today: Barium, Frozen Blue, Teal Blue, or Quantum.

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