Nike Air Force 1

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In 1982, the Air Force 1 was released as a high top. In the beginning, it was designed for basketball players, but now it is worn by everyone. Because of its profile and hefty sole, it has been compared to a hiking boot. The AF1 has been re-imagined in a variety of heights, materials, and colorways over the years. With over 2,000 different variations available, it has been successfully adapted to appeal to a wide audience over the years. Millions of Nike Air Force 1 Low White were sold annually at one time. Adding just a small red logo box to this classic is the Nike Air Force 1 Low Supreme White. The Nike Air Force 1 Low Travis Scott Cactus Jack, which mixes textures and patterns and encloses the laces with a zipper, is an example of a bolder Air Force 1 release.

There is no doubt that the Nike Air Force 1 is a street legend! Designed by one of Nike’s top designers, Bruce Kilgore, the sneaker was originally released as performance footwear in 1982 under the name ‘Air Force’. As soon as the Nike Air Force 1 low edition dropped in 1983, sneakerheads flocked to it for its unique look and comfortable fit. With its adoption by the Hip-Hop community and Nike’s location-based exclusivity on certain designs, the Nike Air Force 1 became a cult classic by the 2000s.

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